Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Figure Studies 2-25-09

Today, we did two longer poses. In the first one, I got to see the model's back again... oh joy! In the second, my friend had a talk with the model and asked her to turn around and give us another view to look at! :D

The second pose was drawn on grayish-blue tinted paper, and has highlights added with white pencil.


  1. Very nice drawings. It is better than stick figures that i would have drawn. :) Great job!!!

  2. These are really good.
    Seeing these brings back a lot of memories of all my art-student-friends in college.
    They always complained about "skinny models" because of the "extra details" they had to draw
    when they could see the models' bones.
    Another of my friends who wasn't a student, and was a little more 'zoftig' did pretty well as a model at UCA for the same reason.