Thursday, April 9, 2009

Regret...and new drawings...

OK, so I didn't enter anything in the came down to the wire and I just decided to wait until next year. Of course, a classmate entered...and had TWO figure drawings accepted. Soooo, if I had entered some myself, I may very well have had one picked.

Anyway, this is one of my latest drawings. I stalled for a bit as my instructor was doing demonstrations for a couple of weeks, but I'm moving again.


  1. No regrets...your not entering may be the only reason your classmate got anything in :)

    these are really good. the details in the cloth stand out...great work with the shading.

    next year, you'll kick butt.

  2. Thanks! Practice makes perfect...or at least closer to perfect :D

  3. looking good.....yeah, faces and hands are tough....that's why i don't do'em!

  4. Your life drawing is marvelous! I have been doing this for a year and mine don't look even half as good as this! keep up the good work. will look forward to seeing more...